9 West Main Street, Downtown Plantsville, is centrally located – neighboring several Small Family Locally Owned Businesses, Restaurants, Fire Department, Post Office, and Churches.

The address 9 West Main Street is just a short distance from Southington’s Town Green and other locally owned Art Related Businesses / Galleries. Also, nearby several residential areas, including apartments duplexes – makes for a perfect geographical location to access, target and cater to future participants of our Art Outreach Program.


Studio Thorium Ink AKA Studio Think is an Art Gallery, showcasing different mediums of art and a Private Body Arts Establishment. Studio Think will practice the highest standards of Quality and Sterilization in the Industry.


Unlike most traditional establishments in the Body Arts Industry, Studio Think will operate parallel with a physician’s facility, requiring an appointment and consultation.


Studio Thorium Ink will also headquarter the soon to be self-funded and planned to be registered and established as a 501c3 nonprofit, Outreach Think. Outreach Think is an Art Outreach Program for troubled youths with talent and/or interest in Art. The mentoring program will consist of regular meetings, seminars, and education - permitting a promising future and a greater quality of life to troubled youths, youths at risk / youths with addictions, who deserve the opportunity to be exposed to a positive atmosphere. 


Outreach Think will welcome all ethnicities. Outreach Think will encourage Unity, Integrity, Education and Compassion. The program will guide, mentor and ultimately grant apprenticeships and careers to successful participants. This is equivalent to a scholarship, which is valuable, promising avenue to career paths that are useful and accepted globally - especially to those that will not have such opportunity otherwise or elsewhere.


Outreach Think will host additional monthly community related public functions: Art Shows, Contests, Drives. Studio Think will be closed for business during these hours.




 We Must Lead by Example and Create Opportunities When There Aren’t Any Available.

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