Kriserik Mogensen got his start at a local North Little Rock tattoo shop in early 1998. After a six-month apprenticeship, he received an Arkansas Tattoo License. Five months later, Mogensen was offered the opportunity and privilege of a formal apprenticeship under Danni Fowler and Eddie Yeary at Ancient Art in Roanoke, Virginia. In addition to Fowler’s world renowned artistry, he’s also the founding owner of Time Machine Tattoo Supply.


Mogensen does the majority of his work with equipment created and/or designed by the company. Working with award-winning artist such as Danni Fowler, Eddie Yeary, Reno Price, and Aaron Cooper, Mogensen has developed an acute understanding of both the equipment and the business.

Kriserik has designed, built and operated several tattoo establishments in Artkansas. His first studio was

built in 1999- Sherwood, Arkansas. He moved to World Famous Las Vegas, Nevada in 2008 and conquered his dream in building his dream studio in the Entertainment Capitol of the World. 

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Kriserik Mogensen now lives in Connecticut. He is licensed in Arkansas and Connecticut.​

Mogensen enjoys making guest appearances at studios in  Arkansas, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, New York, Florida and Louisiana

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