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Studio Think is the Official Tattoo Gallery of Kriserik Mogensen. It is owned and  operated by Kriserik Mogensen, but also hosts renowned guest artists. Both local and world-wide.

Kriserik works by appointment only bases, due to his traveling schedule. Weekends, Friday and Saturday, are open for walk-ins and smaller tattoos. Please acknowledge travel dates before booking your appointment with him at Studio Think.
Kriserik's practices the Highest Standards of Sterilization and Quality in the Industry. He is a well-rounded artist, but favors realism. It is recognized that Kriserik strives for excellence.

Kriserik Mogensen got his start at a local North Little Rock tattoo shop in early 1998. After a six-month apprenticeship, he received an Arkansas Tattoo License. Five months later, Mogensen was offered the opportunity and privilege of a formal apprenticeship under Danni Fowler and Eddie Yeary at Ancient Art in Roanoke, Virginia. In addition to Fowler’s world renowned artistry, he’s also the founding owner of Time Machine Tattoo Supply.

Kriserik has designed, built and operated several tattoo establishments in Arkansas, Texas and Las Vegas. His first studio was built in 1999- Sherwood, Arkansas. Other locations were built in Hot Springs, Arkansas and Little Rock, Arkansas. 
 He moved to World Famous Las Vegas, Nevada in 2008 and conquered his dream in building his dream studio in the Entertainment Capitol of the World. 

Mogensen relocated to Connecticut in 2018 and opened Studio Think Tattoo Gallery in 2019, He is licensed in Arkansas and Connecticut.​
Kriserik enjoys making guest appearances at studios in  Arkansas, Nevada, California, Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, New York, Florida and Louisiana. 


Studio Think is located in Downtown Plantsville, Connecticut #9 West Main Street.-

Studio Think is owned and predominately operated by Mr. Kriserik Mogensen., but hosts

renowned guest artist. Both local and nationwide.

Studio Think Practices the Highest Standards of Quality

and Sterilization in the Industry.

Sterile. Professional. Talented. Innovative. Advanced. Humble -


Questions? Call Today;



Tues-Saturday 2pm-8pm

 Appointment Only

Weekends, Friday & Saturday, are open for walk-ins and smaller tattoos

We Do Not Offer Piercing At This Time &

You Must Be At Least 18 Years Old W/Valid ID to Get Tattooed

Travel Dates


Las Vegas 

March 16th-21st 2023


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    Southington, 9 W Main St, Plantsville, CT 06479, USA
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    Book Appointment , 9 W Main St #, Plantsville, CT 06479, USA
    All appointments require a non-refundable $100 deposit to reserve a specific time, day & date. Some appointments require an in-person consultation for measurements, tracing, etc.
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